Our beers

Kolejowe Stacja Kazbek Lager

alcohol: 5,1%
extract: 13%
capacity: 500 ml

Ingredients: water, pilsner malt, cara clair, rice flakes, Kazbek hop, W34/70 yeast

Classic bottom-fermented beer where maltiness is exposed to the fore, broken with spiciness and earthiness from the used Kazbek hops originating from the vicinity of the Caucasus. A small addition of rice flakes made the beer more dry.

The Koluszki railway station is one of the most important railway junctions in Poland. Trains began to pass through this town in 1846. Its most characteristic element is the yellow, lumpy railway station built in 1968, which in the late 1980s even saw a film directed by Filip Bajon entitled „Bal na dworcu w Koluszkach“.

Kolejowe Bagaże IPAsażerowie

alcohol: 5,2%
extract: 13%
capacity: 500 ml

Ingredients: water, pilsner malt, dextrin malt, Citra, Simcoe, Mosaic hops, US-05 yeast

The icon of the beer revolution, i.e. IPA-style beer in a milder, session variety. The fruitiness of the American hops brings citrus, tropical fruits such as mango, pineapple or melon. Solidly hopped for an aroma that perfectly reflects the characteristics of hops grown overseas.

“A simple railwayman does not want to understand that you can want to part with your life. Figures in the shop window are standing, the shop changes you, and the world – the character” ~ this is how Jacek Kaczmarski, an outstanding Polish poet once sang, thus referring to the action of Bolesław Prus’s novel“ Lalka ”, a fragment of which concerned Skierniewice. Perhaps these words were hummed as a statue of Wokulski was erected on the Skierniewice platform. The fact is that this station delights travelers with its magnificent, renovated building.

Kolejowe Wajcha Maszynisty

alcohol: 5,1%
extract: 13%
capacity: 500 ml

Ingredients: water, pilsner malt, wheat malt, Carabelge, Marynka hop, Danstar Munich Classic yeast

Beer in the style of German hefe-weizen where the banana and the clove play the main role. We achieved this effect by using a special yeast strain that allowed us to achieve the desired effect. Beer is treacherously drinkable, the desire to reach for another sip is something natural.

The Łódź Widzew railway station was opened in 1903, i.e. at a time when it was not yet located in urban areas. Operating for over 100 years, it proudly served the residents, and together with the Łódź Niciarniana station, also supporters in the times of Widzew Łódź’s greatest glory. Today, after modernizations carried out in recent years, its white walls elegantly looks at travelers.

Kolejowe I PAna Konduktora

alcohol: 5,7%
extract: 15%
capacity: 500 ml

Ingredients: water, pilsner malt, wheat malt, oat flakes, milk sugar, hops: Citra, Nelson Sauvin, yeast WLP066 – London Fog

This beer will surprise you with a rich aroma of tropical fruits and citrus from the hops used. You first come across kerosene, white grapes and gooseberries – yes, the wine associations are appropriate. It’s all thanks to Nelson Sauvin hops. Then you can smell lime, mango and even melon. All thanks to Citra. Don’t look for bitterness, because there’s not much of it. After pouring the beer into the beer glassware in the evening, set the bottle aside and smell it in the morning – you will discover new aromas.

The Railway Station in Zduńska Wola – pictured here with our brewer Darek – the author of the recipe for the beer you are about to enjoy. The 120-year-old blue building proudly displays the inscription “The City of Birth and Baptism of Saint Maximilian Marie Kolbe”. The wars of the 20th Century left their greatest mark on Zduńska Wola, through the Jewish Ghetto, and then a detention centre for nazi criminals and traitors to the Polish nation. Today you can enjoy the beautiful Manor House of Złotnicki or the open-air Museum of Railway Rolling Stock.  

Kolejowe Prawie jak SOK

alcohol: <0,5%
capacity: 500 ml

Ingredients: water, barley malts – pale ale, hops – Citra, Mosaic, El Dorado, yeast LA-01

Alcohol-free Session APA – Prawie jak SOK is our first alcohol-free beer! It has all the characteristics of %, with citrus aromas and resinous notes due to the hops used. Lightness and airiness are another trump card of this release. The session APA in this relaxed version is a great choice for a long journey that satisfies the passengers and does not worry the Railway Safety Guard that keeps the railway infrastructure in order.

Kolejowe Łączy Nas Kolej

alcohol: 4,9%
extract: 13%
capacity: 500 ml

Ingredients: water, barley malts – Pilsener, carabody, caramel, hops – Marynka, yeast W34/70

In front of you is a Bohemian style representative – světlý ležák in the edition of a light Pilsner. Its characteristic features are the straw colour, the high, albeit short, bitterness, the cereal aromas and the high drinkability. Add to that the average alcohol content, and we have a drink that can quench the thirst of a football match. Ideal for consumption in the stadiums of KKS Koluszki, LKS Gałkówek and Pogoń Rogów, which are easily connected by the railway line.