Let us introduce ourselves. We are Browar Kolejowe and we come from Koluszki. It’s a small town, which is in close proximity to Łódź. You might have heard its name – probably during the announcements at the train stations or you might have stopped here on your way to Warsaw, Białystok, Gdańsk, Bydgoszcz, Wrocław, Gliwice, Olsztyn, Lublin, Bielsko-Biała or Krynica-Zdrój. Yes, we are mainly known as a strategic railway junction located in the center of Poland.

The story of our brewery started from brewing beers in home environment. Then, the question was posed – should we open our own contract brewery? As the beer rested, the idea matured in our heads and finally we said – let’s start!

For the opening we’ve been preparing for over a half a year. In the meantime, we created a strong team of individuals, which had a goal to form a brewery relating visually to the before mentioned railway. We sacrificed a lot of time to gather the relevant knowledge, use our abilities well and the experience we gained. However, we know that he best is yet to come. At the first stage, we want to get familiar with our Łódź region, that we all come from. Our dream is to write down in the pages of history of our local brewing tradition. That is why we are now presenting to you our first premiere batches. But what’s next? It all depends on how many pages there are left!

What can we offer?

We start our adventure with three styles and three batches. We have at your disposal a prepared Lager based on Kazbek hops originating from the Caucasus region, Session IPA with notes of citrus and tropical fruits, and Weizen, in which banana and clove play the first fiddle. And updating – the fourth style is the New England IPA based on the hugely aromatic Nelson Sauvin that is worth getting acquainted with. Take a look at what we can offer you in our First Class 🙂

Where can you find our beer?

Click on the below and you will see the map, on which the shops, restaurants, pizza places, petrol stations and more are located. In this places you can find our products. We have also thought about the table which shows the opening times and the specification of the place. Check it out!