About us

We are a small contract brewery located in Poland near Łódź, and more specifically in Koluszki – maily known as a strategic railway junction. We have always enjoyed trains, and the accompanying station atmosphere and characteristic sounds at the railway stations gave us more drive / momentum / energy. 

Our team consists of four people. Each of whom looks after a different area. We have Darek, who is a great brewer and prepares a whole package of recipes for us, because his taste buds are definitely not the most patient. Natalia takes care of the image, brand and social media. Her phone diode takes on colour shades that Kamil did not see in the graphic palette. Exactly, what does Kamil do? Creativity is one thing, but translating it into paper is a much more difficult challenge. He is the designer of our labels. Konrad connects everything together. He is also responsible for building the rail network… that is, the sales and distribution network.

Meet us closer!


Konrad Dąbrowski

He loves football, mountain trails and Slovakia – especially the region of Liptov and Bratislava. He tries to use each day off for small and big journeys, preferably with a cooled bottle of Kofola in the backpack and a one-way train ticket. Co-author of several projects, the largest of which is Browar Kolejowe. Professionally, he works in the field of transport and ends intense days with a good milk stout.

Kamil Freliga

Bohemist, co-founder (along with Konrad Dąbrowski) and organizer of the Wiejska Liga Piłki Nożnej, Puchar Knura i Jeszcze Niższa Liga. He is interested in everything related to Czech culture and sport. He drinks large amounts of tea and likes to travel by train – eagerly taking advantage of the fact of having students discounts. He will try to make our labels look better than the Koluszki station.

Natalia Witek

On a daily basis, she works as an assistant in the corporation. In her spare time she devotes herself to learning French. She also provides support for students in English after several years of adventure with a musical organization in Great Britain. She cannot imagine his life without music, a cup of good tea (and good IPA) and without cats. And most importantly – she has a monthly railway ticket from Gałkówek to Koluszki.

Darek Grabowski

English teacher by education, who loves to do sports, in particular football and cross-fit – always with headphones on his ears, where sounds from electronic to grunge. He has recorded full-length albums with Revlovers band and his given concerts all over the country, including the Heineken Opener Festival. A fulfilled dad of twins, who eagerly reaches for a juicy New England IPA after work in the evening.